How can I search for buses?

It is quite easy and intuitive: Go to the search box at and enter

  1. your preferred point of departure,
  2. your preferred place of destination,
  3. the preferred date and
  4. click the search button.

Afterwards, you can see the search results with each available bus connection suitable to your preferred date.

Tip: Further search options as the number of passengers can be chosen in the extended search field by clicking "Show further options".


Getting along with the search results

Following options are offered to find the most suitable connection:

  1. Sorting (by departure time, arrival time, duration and fare)
  2. Chosing the means of travel (bus, train or ride sharing)
  3. Showing details of a connection
  4. Booking a bus ticket: Click the "Book now" button to get redirected to the website of the bus company, where you can book your ticket.



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