How can I book a ticket?

Use the online search engine of where tickets of diverse bus companies can be booked directly. For all other tickets click the "Book now" button to get redirected to the website of the related bus company, where you can book your tickets and get further informations on your chosen bus connection.

Alternatives to booking online:

Small bus companies, which do not provide an online booking system yet, offer the possibility to book tickets by phone or to buy them directly at a selling point. Generally, these selling points are located near to a railroad or bus station.

In addition, you can directly ask the bus driver for tickets. If you are lucky and the bus is not booked up, you have the chance to get tickets at standard fare on-site. Though, standard fare is more expensive than online or pre-selling fares.


Please note: The team of provides an overview and the comparison of bus fares and is not able to handle booking requests.


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